“Zombie Apocalypse”

Resisted Run – 5 x 40m
(Train to outrun zombies…or other survivors.)

AMRAP Circuit – 2 x 5 stations (1:00 work intervals/0:30 rest/transition intervals)

Calorie Row
(Train to escape a zombie-infested beach/shoreline.)

Standard Hand-Placement Deload Pushup
(Train to fend off a ravenous zombie or force a door closed.)

Rocket Jump
(Train to reach a low-hanging branch or the bottom rung of a fire escape.)

Sledgehammer Strike
(Train to kill a zombie or break down a door.)

KB Farmer’s Walk – 20m segments
(Train to carry food, water, and ammo.)

Zombie Escape Run (“Graduation Exercise”) – 4 x 300m (2:30 to complete run/rest)
Everyone starts as a survivor. Those runners finishing in the bottom 25% (round down) of the first round are infected and join the ranks of the zombies. Zombies must perform 5 penalty burpees in the round that they are infected and at the end of subsequent rounds. Zombies remain zombies throughout the remaining rounds. The same number of survivors become infected and join the zombie ranks in the second and third rounds based upon where they finish. In the final round, survivors get a 10-second head start. If a survivor finishes behind a zombie in the final round, the survivor is infected and must join the zombies for five penalty burpees.