Speed Deadlift 6×2

1,000m Row time trial…
You must preset the monitor to a set distance of 1,000m.

A couple tips to row your best time:

  • Aim to have your 250m splits slightly decreasing in time over 1,000m (The first 250m will be your slowest and the last 250m should be your fastest).
  • Remember to pull with power?to the sternum and return to the catch phase controlled.
  • Maintain neutral?posture on the catch phase and the finish.
  • Don’t finish and think you could have rowed better or had more in the tank – put everything you have into your row.

If the class needs to go in two waves, have the second wave perform 20″ on 40″ off of the following while the first wave is rowing.
Back Hypers
Russian Twist

High Box Step Up 4×7+7
Ring Row 4×8