Fran (15′ time cap)

Equipment needed: pullup bar, barbell with weights, MB on plate, timer

Weights: Women @ 65lbs (20kg bar + 5kg metal plates); Men @ 95lbs (20kg bar + green plates + 2kg metal plates)

Thrusters: butt needs to hit MB at the bottom so hip crease is clearly below parallel, elbows locked out at the top directly over head. Head should be pushed through slightly at the top (non-RX for lower weight)

Pullups: Kipping allowed and any grip accepted. Chin above bar at top, arms fully extended at bottom. Non-Rx for violent kipping at coaches discretion (non-RX for band usage).

3x300m Run on 2:15 Interval

MB Hamstring Curls 3×10
Staggered Hand Pushup 3×5 ea