Sparta: (for time: 100 super burpees, 100 v-ups, 100 pullups) time cap is 25′
Must finish 100 reps of one exercise before moving on to the next exercise
Equipment needed: pullup bar, yoga mat optional, timer
Super burpees: controlled pushups movement to the floor (no flopping onto the floor), raise self with a pushup movement- no pushing from the floor with thighs or ‘inch worming’ movement, jump with feet off the floor at the top, hands above the head at the top
V-ups: At top, palms have to hit above knees or hands all the way to the floor. Weight needs to be on the butt. Back needs to be off the floor. At the bottom, hands hit floor above the head. Legs straight the entire time.
Pullups: kipping allowed, any grip accepted. Chin above bar at top, elbows extended at the bottom
Suggested modification (for * performance): None. Done for rep count.

Resisted Walks: 5 x 30m w/ 20 Chinnies after each