Speed Deadlift: 8 x 2 on the minute

Double WOD!

Katie: (for time: 21, 15, 9 reps of KB swings and Deload pushups)
Start with 21 reps of KB swings and deload pushups before moving down in reps
Equipment needed: Kettlebells, timer
Women: 16kg KB; Men: 24kg KB
KB swings: KB needs to go to eye level (ASTERISK for lower than RX weight)
Deload pushups: feet in contact with floor the entire time (even at the bottom), hands off floor at bottom, elbows locked out at the top, body moves a single unit- NO ‘inch worming’ or pushing off the floor with the thighs. (ASTERISK for knee pushups or inch worming). Encourage quad contraction to keep the knees off the ground.
Suggested modification (for * performance): Lighter KB and / or reduction of reps.

5 rounds for time:
40m Walking lunges with hands on head
20 Pushups
40m Run