KB Series: 6 x (6 Dead Lifts, 6 High Pulls, 6 Swings)

Front Squat: 5 x 3
Ab Mat Situp: 5 x 12

Team Challenge
One person runs 300m while the other does 12 pullups (on the outdoor bars?) and 18 Drop Squats (must touch ground). The 12 Pullups and 18 Drop Squats must be completed before the ‘relay’ exchange can be made. If the running partner returns and the 12 pullups and / or 18 Drop Squats have not been completed he can ‘pitch in’ and do the remaining pullups to ‘release’ the other partner for the run. All pullups and drop squats must be done together (i.e. you can’t alternate 5 pullups with 5 squats). Score = time to complete 10 laps (5 for each partner)

Odd man out must complete the same