Power Clean: 6 x 2

“War” courtesy of Kaushul Shaw from our “Makeup the workout contest”

Coaches split participants into two evenly matched teams. Teams form two lines opposite one another with evenly matched individuals placed directly across one another. There will be a series of 7 battles with each individual facing off against the person across of them from the opposing team.

First 6 battles rounds (90 seconds each / 30 second rest between):

KB Swings (24kg/ 16kg)
Deload Pushups
Plate Thrusters (20kg / 15kg)
Rocket Jumps (must touch ground)
Goblet Squats (24kg / 16kg)
Med ball v-ups (5kg / 4kg)

Each battle round is 90 seconds for total individual reps. After each battle round participants rest for 30 seconds while coaches go down the line and have the winner of each individual face-off raise their hand. The team with the most hands raised for that round wins the battle and gets 1 point. (If there is a tie, no team gets a point)

Final Battle: (5 minutes)

Super Burpees w/ Deload

For the final battle their are no individual face-offs. Each team will do 5 minutes of burpees for cumulative reps. The whole team’s total will be compared against the other teams total. The team with the most cumulative burpees wins the final battle and gets 3 points.

The team with the most points at the end of all battles wins the WAR.

Note*: If there is an odd number of participants, two members of the same team should “pair up” and only the highest of their scores will count for each round.