Snatch Pull 5×2

Helen- 3 Rounds for Time (13? Cap)
400m Run
21 KB Swings (24 kg/16 kg)
12 Pull Ups

400m run: From the start line 1 1/3 laps (in the back door). Must stay on blacktop around building.

KB Swings: KB needs to go to eye level with the hips fully extended at the top. (You may not “squat” at the top of the movement in an attempt to bring your eyes to KB level to make it appear the KB is higher than it actually is – non-Rx at coaches discretion.)

Pull-up: Chin must be over the bar at the top and arms fully extended at the bottom. Any grip allowed. Kipping is allowed. Excessive kipping (shins parallel to ground or in a “C” body position) will result in non-Rx performance at coaches discretion.

OH Walking Lunge 3x40m
Hollow Rock 3×12