Hang Clean + Push Jerk: 5 x 2 + 1

Split Squat: 4 x 6 ea
Ab Mat Crunch: 4 x 12

Everyone attempts to do the following for 6 rounds:
10 thrusters (95 lbs / 70 lbs) and 10 pullups

For the first 5 rounds you have 2 minutes to complete the round without putting the bar down on the thrusters and without dropping from the pullup bar without finishing your reps once you’ve started…they must be “unbroken.” If you either 1) do not finish all prescribed reps in the time allotted on any set, 2) put the bar down on the ground or drop from the pullup bar at all once started, and / or 3) do not use the prescribed weights for the thrusters you automatically receive an * and must do 30 burpees for time. For those who DO meet those three criterion for ALL five sets, you perform a sixth set of the same two exercises for time. Only the time on the sixth rounds counts as your score. On the sixth round the bar can be returned to the ground and you can drop from the pullup bar if necessary.