Power Snatch 6×1



5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats

Equipment needed: pullup bar, easy button on 5kg plate, MB on bumper plate for squats (or Dynamax ball by itself), timer

Pullups: kipping is allowed (non-Rx for excessive kipping at coaches discretion), any grip accepted, chin above bar at top, arms fully extended at bottom (non-Rx for band usage)

Pushups: Chest to easy button (must hear it click), elbows locked out at top (non-Rx for knee pushups)

Squats: butt to MB at the bottom of the squat, chest upright and hips fully extended at the top (no crease at the hip flexors). Choose a MB that places the hip crease clearly below parallel.

4x300m Runs on the 3′ interval