Snatch teaching progression??.10 minutes??.intended for you to familiarize yourself with the snatch??not for attempting big weights

“Jen” (25′ time cap)
Buy-In: Snatch: 10 reps @ (132 lbs / 100 lbs)??.press outs do not count. If you cannot Snatch the RX’d weight you should start as heavy as possible to still complete the workout without an expectation of being able to do all of the snatch reps consecutively. For example, if you can’t do 132 for even 1 rep I’d rather see you drop down to 120 lbs and do 10 reps correctly with a heavier weight than try 44 lbs and do them all rapid fire.
3 rounds of
300m Run
15 Pullups
20 Lateral Burees
Cash-Out: Jerk 10 reps @ (110 lbs / 75lbs)??same rules for push jerk on loading. Arms must lock out completely and legs extend at the top of each push jerk. Weight cannot be racked so if you drop it, you’ll have to pick it back up.

Ab Mat Situp: 3 x 10
Back Hyper: 3 x 10