Deadlift “Wheel” 8×5 E2MOM (65-70% of 1RM for all sets)
1. 10 MB Skater Bounds
2. 10 MB Punch Slams
(1 set of Deadlifts + 1 set of MB movement (alternating) within each 2:00.)

10’ Partner AMRAP
Buy-in: 1200m Relay Run (Each partner runs 2x300m, alternating)
In remaining time, AMRAP:
KB DL HP (24/16kg)
Ab Mat Sit-ups
(Switch between partners & movements at any point. There is no set rep count for movements, partners can work though movements however they want.)

Score = Total Reps

Midline Stability – 40” On/10” Off x 3 Rounds:
1. SA Plank (20” each side)
2. Suitcase Carry (L)
3. Suitcase Carry (R)