Deadlift 7,6,5,4,3,2,1
W/ first 3 sets – Wide Grip Pullup x5-8
W/ next 3 sets – Strict Chin ups x5-8

15′ Partner WOD
Partner A: 200m Run
Partner B: Amrap of the following (200m run + Swing, 200m + Thruster, 200m + Burpee, 200m + Swing again…)
1.) KB Swings (24/16kg)
2.) Plate Thruster (20/15)
3.) Burpee
*Switch immediately when Partner A finishes run
*Rest when you need to, can’t start until partner starts (can’t get reps if partner isn’t running)
Score = Total Reps for both partners

Same Set up, except amrap of following
1.) Power Clean (50/35kg)
2.) Thruster (50/35kg)
3.) Super Burpee Over Bar