10 minutes to find Power Clean Max

Hand Stand Pushups: 5 x 6-10
Back Squat: 5 x 10

In ten minutes try to achieve 80 Pullups. Athletes will have 8 attempts to accumulate as many pullups as possible until 80 reps have (or have not) been completed. Every time you come off the pullup bar you must do 20 burpees before the next set can be attempted. You do not have to rush in to the next stage. If an athlete finishes 80 pullups before 10 minutes, they can use the remaining time to do thrusters for extra counting reps (40kg / 30kg). The athlete does not have to complete 20 burpees before doing thrusters.

Score= total number of pullup or pullup + thruster reps completed in 10 minutes.