Clean Pull + Power Clean 6×1+1

KB Swings (24/16kg)
Deload Pushups

KB swings: KB needs to go to eye level with the hips fully extended at the top. No “squatting” down to lower eye height.

Deload pushups: Feet in contact with floor the entire time (even at the bottom), hands off floor at bottom, elbows locked out at the top, body moves a single unit- NO ‘inch worming’, thighs should never touch the floor. (non-RX for knee pushups or inch worming).

Video record all record board attempts

Rest 5′

4×3′ Intervals
6 Pullups
8 Back Squats (60-80/40-60kg) not for score so challenge if you want
10 V-ups
40m KB Suitcase Carry (32/24kg)

Coaches Choice Core