Cary CrossFit WOD 1.26.21

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Strict Muscle-up Development:
A: Eccentric Ring Dip to MU Transition (Aim to perform unassisted & maintain false grip) 4×3-5
B: Ring Push-ups (Aim for a ring turnout at the top) 4×7-10
Banded KB Swings 4×10

A: False Grip Ring Pull-up (Pause 2s at top) 3×4-6
B: False-Grip Ring Rows 3×8-12
Band Pallof Press 3×20”/20”

3’ On/1’ Off x 3 Rounds:
21/15 Cal Bike (or 27/21 Cal Row)
Then, AMRAP SA KB Snatches (16/12kg)

Score = Total Reps of KB Snatches (Note Bike/Row)

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