Cary CrossFit WOD 1.19.21

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Strict Muscle-up Development:
(Plan A is intended for those who can currently perform 5+ Strict Pull-ups & 10+ Ring Push-ups with full ROM. If not quite there yet, follow the Plan B exercise.)
A: Ring Dip + Assisted MU Transition 4×5+5
B: Ring Push-ups 4×7-10
KB SL RDL 3x8e

A: False-Grip Ring Pull-ups 4×4-6
B: False-Grip Ring Rows 4×7-10
KB Turkish Sit-ups 3x3e

10/7 Machine Calories (Choice of Bike or Row)
10 Sit-Throughs (5e)
10 MB Slams (15/10#)

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