6-8′ to warm up to Liza squat weight


(Ascending squats at body weight)
Body weight needs to be taken before workout begins.
1 rep for the first minute
2 reps at the second minute
3 reps at the third minute….ascending 1 rep per minute until failure (failure to do # of squats in the given minute) with body weight on the bar

Squats: butt needs to touch WB at the bottom, stand up all the way at the top. (non-Rx if squatting less than body weight). Select a WB and metal/bumper plate combination that clearly places the hip crease below parallel.

*instruct on how to properly dump weight off back if needed

Suggested modification (for non-Rx performance): Reduce the weight if member cannot hit required depth for at least 5 rounds.

All record attempts must be video recorded

DB OH Press 4×10
Band Facepull 4×12
Wtd. Russian Twist 4x12e