Clean water is an essential part of health and wellness. While many of us take it for granted, there are many who don’t have readily available access to clean water. This is why Cary CrossFit is excited to announce our participation in the CrossFit Five Gallon Challenge?Fundraiser. This fundraiser is part of the non-profit?Water for Good initiative to provide clean drinking water to people in the Central African Republic.?Participating in the CrossFit Five Gallon Challenge is an interactive way to experience the daily struggle that millions of people go through to carry their water every day. The fundraiser consists of walking one mile with a 44 lb jug of water. We will incorporate the 1 mile walk in to Cary CrossFit daily workouts of the day on January 6th and 13th. Every $5 donated towards our campaign provides a year of clean water for one person through the work of Water for Good! If you would like to support this great cause you can sign up and join our team HERE or support one of the existing members on the team. Alternatively, we’d appreciate you spreading the word about this great fundraiser through social media. Our goal is to raise a minimum of $1,000. That’s enough to provide clean water to 200 people for one year!