Cary CrossFit (Indoors) WOD 9.10.20

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16’ Rotating EMOM:
1. 8-12 Toes to Bar
2. 12 MB Skater Bounds (15/10#)
3. 8-12 Alt. SL Candlestick Roll-ups
4. 16 MB Punch Slams (15/10#)

(The priority for this EMOM is movement quality. Each round should look better than the previous. Scale the movement or reps as necessary.)

Running Intervals* – E2MOM x 8 Reps:
Run Stop Sign to Stop Sign
(Run uphill for all reps, walking back between.)

*Inclement Weather Alternative:
Row 1’ on/1’ off x 8 Rounds for Max Cals

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