1 mile warmup run
Static Stretching

Partner WOD….in pairs, relay style on a 30m out and back course. Lots of rounds so verbally call out your round.
600m Shuttle Run (each person runs 30m out and 30m back as fast, each person goes 5 times, slapping hands marks the exchange)
600m Lunge Walk (each person does 30m of walking lunges and 30m run back to the start, each person goes 5 times)
600m Farmers Walk (30m out and back, 5x each person, carrying ONE kettlebell 24kg for men, 16kg for women, exchange hands at the turn around)
600m Shuttle Run w/ Medicine Ball (each person runs 30m out and 30m back as fast as possible carrying a medicine ball (5kg / 4kg), 5x each person)
50 Wall Ball (20lbs / 14 lbs) split however the team wants

Single Leg Squat: 3 x 8 ea
Ab Mat Situp: 3 x 15