4 Laps of AL
Walking Stretch Series

Six sets of the following:
Athletes have 1′ to complete 30 Walking Lunges with a single DB held OH (15 lunges with DB in R hand, 15 lunges with DB in L hand); 1:40 seconds to complete a 300m run
If you complete either the lunges or run before the allotted time the remaining time is rest. Failure to complete the prescription in time incurs a 5 Burpee Penalty to be completed at the conclusion of the six sets.

4 people at each station…everyone goes as hard as possible for 1′ and then rests 1′. Score = cumulative reps
Calorie Row
DB Squat Clean (40 lb / 25 lb)
Wall Ball (20 lb / 14 lb)
Goblet Squat (24kg / 16kg)