8′ Jog

Hurdle Mobility

4 x 4 laps of Athletic Lab, sprint the lengths, jog slowly the width.

Rest 5 minutes

In 5 or 4 even teams (divisible as class size permits….16 people = 4 teams of 4; 15 people = 5 teams of 3; 14 people).
For 20 consecutive minutes, 1 team member rows while the remaining 3-4 teammates run 300m. Each time the entire team has finished the 300m run (you must come in together), one person from the run exchanges places with their teammate on the rower. This process continues, cycling through every member of the team in the same order until the allotted time is complete. The running group must carry a 20 lb wall ball and a single 25 lb dumbbell. Teams can decide who and for how long each member carries which object.

Team Score = total meters rowed.