10 Mtn Climbers
200m Run
20 Mtn Climbers
200m Run
30m Mtn Climbers
200m Run
40m Mtn Climbers
200m Run

Pai Mei Sprint Drill Series: 2 x 30m

Partner up for Team WOD
While one partner runs a 200m shuttle (100m out + 100m back), the other does 90 deg wall sit. Each partner does a total of 6 runs. The first time the wall sit partner comes out of the 90 deg position, both partners must do 10 burpees at the “exchange”. Every subsequent time a partner comes out of the seated position they do 5 additional burpees (so second ‘offense’ is 15 burpees, 3rd is 20 burpees, etc). It’s possible to get more than one violation per turn and rests from the wall sit should be limited to a 5 second (with audible “5 mississippi” count).

Burpee Wall Ball: 4 x 10
Slow Eccentric Pullup: 4 x 10
Ankles to Bar: 4 x 10