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Performance Fitness SwOly 9.13.21

Squat Clean E2MOM 2×3 2×2 2×1

Segmented Clean Deadlift 3×3
(Pause for 2 seconds in the following positions: 2″ off the floor, knee, mid thigh)
“Tall” Box Jump 3×3
(Box jump should be for height not speed; Re-set after each jump)

Dive-Bomber Push-up 2×6-12
KB Gorilla […]

2021-09-12T19:39:47-04:00SwOly WODs|

Performance Fitness Endurance 9.11.21

12′ Dynamic Warm-up (Multidirectional Locomotion + Dynamic Stretches)

Partner WOD 1
A: Run 300m
6 Push-ups
8e Shoulder Taps
10 Lateral Lunge (5e)
12 Ab Mat Sit-ups

Switch when partner A returns from run; Pick up where they left off and continue on.

Rest […]

2021-09-08T14:23:44-04:00Endurance WODs|

Cary CrossFit WOD 9.11.21

Banded Deadlifts 6×4 E2MOM

“Always Remembered”
18′ AMRAP; In teams of 2:

Buy-in: 2001m Row

Remaining time, AMRAP:
9 T2B
11 BB Complexes (50/35kg)

*BB Complex: Deadlift + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk*
Work can be split between partners; one person works at a […]

2021-09-08T14:52:23-04:00Cary CrossFit WODs|

Cary CrossFit WOD 9.10.21

KB Front Rack Box Step-up 4x6e (Arm holding KB is same as stepping leg)
Ring Row 4×12 (Elevate feet for more of a challenge)

3’ AMRAP x 3 Rounds with 1′ Rest between Rounds
3 Power Cleans (40/29kg)
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats

*Pick up where […]

2021-09-09T18:42:47-04:00Cary CrossFit WODs|

Cary CrossFit WOD 9.9.21

E3MOM Complete x 3
10/8 Calorie Row or Bike + 50 Double Unders
(Use this time to practice the skill up to 1 min of work OR pick a challenging number of DU)

10’ AMRAP:
300m Run
10 DB Snatch (5e)
5 Burpees

Rest 2’

0:30 […]

2021-09-03T13:50:26-04:00Cary CrossFit WODs|

Performance Fitness Endurance 9.9.21

12’ Dynamic Warm-up (Multidirectional Locomotion + Dynamic Stretches)

10 Goblet Squats
20 Reverse Lunges
10 Burpees

Rest 2’

100m Run (Stop sign by dumpster)
10 SA KB Bent Over Row (5e)
20 Abmat Sit-ups

Rest 2’

10 KB Goblet Step-ups
10 KB SA Push Press […]

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