Athletic Lab is partnering with Go Local Produce to make it simple, convenient, delicious, and affordable for you to give your body what it needs to meet the demands you place on it.

Go Local delivers straight to your home each Saturday. With each delivery comes a gorgeous variety of 8 types of vegetables and 4 types of fruit for only $25 – an unbeatable deal. This produce is hand-selected, treated with care, and handled as few times as possible in the process of creating a package that will complement what you do for your body with the Athletic Lab lifestyle. When you sign up at Go Local Produce, enter “Athletic Lab” in the referral box and the $15 sign-up will be waived. There are no contracts, so give it a try.

Many of our coaches and members are already on board. What are you waiting for? For more information, check out their website and their Facebook page.

Here is a sample basket of what you would receive each week: