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Cary Crossfit WOD 11.16.17

By Posted in - Cary CrossFit WODs on November 15th, 2017 0 Comments

Deadlift 8×2 on 90″

SL DB Hip Thrust 4x8e
Diamond Pushup 4x Challenge (last set to failure)
Plate Straight Leg Sit up 3×10 (finish seated with plate extended overhead)

EMOM Ladder
BB Thruster (45/30kg) + Pullup

*Start with one rep of …

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Cary Crossfit WOD 11.14.17

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Power Snatch 3×2, 2×1

“Kelly” (25′ Cap)

*Record attempts must be video recorded.
Squats done to a ball that puts hip crease below the knee.
Pushups to easy button
V-ups must touch hands and feet to ground, touch hand above …

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Performance Fitness Endurance 11.11.17

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3 Laps + 4′ Row
Dynamic Stretches

Partner WOD:
100 V-Ups
100 Wall Balls
75 Calorie Bike
100 Burpees
100e Hurdle Hops
75 Lying to Standing
100e Mountain Climbers
100 BB Push Press (15kg/20kg)
75e Walking Lunges
900m Run (both run)
*Both Partners work at the same time. …

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